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synth machine (eurorack)

price : $599.00

the synth machine is a fully analogue synthesizer module developed by michael schweikard and thomas welsch (of anyware instruments). it is a eurorack module made to the standards of doepfer (meaning +/-12v power, cv and gate connections, cv pitch at 1v/oct., 3.5mm jacks on front etc.).

the synth machine is a 100% fully analogue synthesizer handmade in a small village in germany named "herborn". the module depth is only 2.8 cm. the width is 42 te/hp (half a typical rack case). the build and component quality are very high. the 24db lowpass filter works great. it is a classic moog-style filter. the envelope is more than fast enough to produce percussive sounds. the noise with sample & hold is programmed by tom wiltshire from scotland. all modules pass trough a 24 hour test and check before shipping.

mp3 sample

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