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modulation orgy (eurorack)

price : $250.00

the ssl 2260 modulation orgy lfo is the illegitimate euro cousin to our 1260 tap tempo lfo, and is a special module indeed. you can set the lfo frequency by tapping the tap button, supplying a periodic gate to the sync input, or by changing the tempo cv. you can build tap tempo effects vibratos and tremolos, tap tempo controlled drum machines or tap tempo sequencer clocks. or use it the other way around - control the 2260 tempo with a sequencer! you can even use multiple 2260s to create polyrhythmic lfos using the built-in multiplier ratios. awesome possibilities!

the 2260 can produce 8 waveforms, including a random (sample & hold) wave.

all the waveforms except the random wave can be altered by the wave distortion cv.

it also includes a tempo multiplier. this is combined with the tapped tempo to allow the lfo frequency to be set at a multiple of the tapped rate. the available multipliers are 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4. this allows half- and double-time, and triplet times.

the lfo tempo, multiplier, waveform selection, wave distortion, and output level are all voltage-controlled using 0 to +5v. negative voltages are are permitted, but may sometimes cause unexpected results.

the level cv input responds linearly to 0 to +5v and is normalled to +5v so that with no input, the 2260 outputs are at maximum. this convenient input can frequently save a separate vca when doing voltage controlled modulation depth.

the sync input can accept clock pulses from other equipment, which allows the 2260 to be syncronized to other devices. a clock out which can be used to drive other equipment, allowing a tap-tempo controlled clock for an analog sequencer or drum machine, for example. a phase reset on the first tap to the tap tempo input allows you to keep the lfo on the beat with a single tap. all waveforms reset to the top of the waveform.

caveats - in that the 2260 waveforms are produced digitally, it should be noted that some amount of anti-aliasing effects occur at fastest rates. although normally imperceptable in the majority of cases, very small steps may be heard at extremely slow rates and wide control swings. due to minor component variations, multiplier and waveform switching points may not precisely line up with panel graphics. these are normal.

in all, we think you'll find the 2260 modulation orgy to be the most fun you've ever had with a lfo!

tempo, multiplier, waveform, wave distort external cv amount
tempo, multiplier, waveform, wave distort initial setting
tap button / tempo led: manual rate setting

tempo, multiplier, waveform, wave distort, level cv: 0 to +5v.
sync: logic ~1.2v threshold

clock (clk): rate - logic 0 to +5v
orgy out : lfo outputs - +/-5v (10v p-p)

tap button / tempo led: rate setting

frequency range:
0.025hz to 50hz

power:,,, 16 pin euro standard.
jumper selectable +5v source - internal (from +12v) or external from host power supply.

width - 16 hp (euro rack)
depth - 30mm (1.2") behind panel comfortably

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