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élkorus v3

price : $699.00

élkorus v3, the latest and greatest version of this warm 100% analog chorus, based on the string ensemble of the 70's and 80's. who has heard the sounds of a mythical eminent, solina, elka and similar, knows the magic of the analog ensemble effect.

the heart of this great chorus are the genuine chips bbd's tca350 which are present in the famous instruments that inspire this processor.

in v3 élkorus the objective was to provide the vintage character of these chips and provide it with flexibility and quality that these chips had not known before without losing any of its character. nothing of digital emulations, the élkorus sounds analog because is 100% analog!

now we can apply this warm effect to any instrument like synthesizers, guitars, vocals and anything that you can imagine. in the v3 it's easier to adapt different sound sources thanks to the pre-amp circuit with peak detector.

we also have a big number of controls to customize the sound you get from the fabulous analog ensemble chorus to musical multiphase thru-zero flanger effects.

a three-stage chorus with its controls can adapt to two phases or even reduce to a single phase to add vibrato effects. eq controls add a very evocative touch especially for those "vintage moments". some users define it like a trip to the past!

of course panning controls allow us to experiment with the stereo field and its inputs and outputs allow control voltage for further experimentation using analog synthesizers, modular and pedals.

usually you can't see any analog chorus with this number of possibilities. surely after a time using the élkorus it even will continue providing surprises and new sounds. recommended for fans of vintage sound and experimenters in search of new sounds.

You can download the user guide here.

sound samples:

pulse wave + slow pwm + elkorus

square waves + elkorus = bells

triangle wave + elkorus

2 square osc's + elkorus = organ

sine wave sound + elkorus

saw wave + elkorus

distorted guitar + depth elkorus

demo track with clean guitar+elkorus

elkorus ala elka-tangerine dream

elkorus making eminent310 plucks

elkorus making roland vp330 sound

elkorus making eminent 310 strings

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