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adsr diy kit

price : $79.99


the synthrotek adsr is a small and simple envelope generator with some very useful features. cv is additive for overall length of adr stages in adsr mode and add even more length to just the release stage by adding cv into the release jack. ar mode allows for snappy to long dynamic rhythm lengths. very short minimum lengths, self cycling and a maximum output of 5 volts makes this tiny (4hp) envelope a very feature packed and versatile module.

stage lengths:
attack: 4ms-2 seconds (up to ~ 4 seconds with cv)
decay: 4ms-2 seconds (up to ~ 4 seconds with cv)
release (based on gate length)release 4ms-2 seconds (up to ~ 4 seconds with cv)

adsr timing sheet
led indication for each section
cv over adr
cv over release
adsr or ar mode
exponential or linear curves

4hp wide
depth: 40mm
current draw: +12: 30ma, -12: n/a, +5: n/a

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