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price : $124.99


synthrotek's fold is a combination wavefolder and ring modulator. the fold changes the shape of a waveform in order to create harmonics and find new timbres and sonic palettes. the ring modulator circuit mixes two waves together to make metallic, bell-like tones, big bass lines and dalek sci-fi robotic sounds. patch your folded wave into the ring mod (or vice versa) for sonic euphoria!

ring modulator
taps switch selects 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 stages of folding
bipolar cv input over level
offset for adjusting wave symmetry
wet/dry mix
module width: 4hp
module depth: 60mm
current draw: +12v: 50 ma, -12v: 40 ma, +5v: 0 ma

download the users manual here.

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