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mst '07 buffered multiple diy kit

price : $69.99

MST '07 Buffered Multiple DIY Kit

the mst '07 buffered multiple is the original buffered mult design invented by george mattson in 2007. it's a precision mult that is perfect for 1v/o cv sources. a signal plugged into input 1 will be available from all 14 outputs. break the chain by adding a second signal into input 2; signal 1 comes out 4 outputs and signal 2 is available at the remaining 10. plug in as many as 4 inputs, each split 3 or 4 times. what you put in you get out!

4 channels
channels 1 and 2 are 1 to 4
channels 3 and 4 are 1 to 3
cascaded inputs: ch 1>ch 2>ch 3>ch 4

current draw: v+ max 42ma, v- max 42ma
depth: 33mm
width: 4hp

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