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mst dual 2164 vca

price : $139.99

the mst dual 2164 vca is a precision ac (audio) & dc (gate triggers or control voltage) voltage controlled amplifier in 6hp. each channel has a linear or exponential response switch, the exponential resulting in a žpoppierÓ response. adjustable output level and bleed if you want to mix in your unaffected source audio. butters your toast all the way to the edge.

two identical vca circuits
capable of ac and dc signal processing
linear and exponential response select switch
cv input (1:1 input-output ratio at 5vdc cv input)
signal input
cv 1 normalled to cv 2
signal 1 normalled to signal 2
bleed level adjustment per channel

current draw: v+ max 20ma, v- max 17.5ma
width: 6hp depth: 3.5 cm (1.75 in)

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