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mst dual ad/asr envelope

price : $224.99

the mst dual envelope is a simple-to-use yet complex dual envelope generator. channels 1 and 2 are both normalled to each other to cycle when the other respective channel hits end of cycle, allowing for really interesting ping-pong effects. each channel also has an end-of-cycle trigger output with led indicator. there ís a normal and inverted envelope out. the inverted envelope out can be further modified by the +5 offset switch, which allows the inverted waveform to travel in the positive. the + output level allows the envelope signal to go between zero and the maximum voltage rail. attenuate the output level down for a more subtle envelope (adjust to taste).

two self-completing envelope circuits
ad or asr selector switch per channel
manual attack control & decay/release
output level per channel
gate input
end-of-cycle trigger output with led indicator
normal & inverted envelope output per channel
short and long envelope length switch per channel
long setting can be lengthened with jumper select
ad/asr selection switch per channel
inverted output +5 offset switch per channel

current draw: v+ max 10ma, v- max 8ma
width: 12hP

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