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mst midi to cv

price : $199.99


the mst midi to cv converter is a translator between digital devices and analog synths, allowing you to connect your modular system to a keyboard, computer, phone or tablet.

clock input to din midi & usb midi clock out
manual midi reset button
usb/midi in thru to din midi out
din midi in will export usb midi out of the usb jack
front panel accessible v/o trimmer adjustment
midi clock to clock out - velocity, mod wheel or aftertouch aux output
cv output
gate output
rear midi channel jumper select
gate / note priority led indicator
polarity protection

compatible with the following hardware:
windows xp, 7, 8, 10
mac os x (any version)
linux (tested on ubuntu 14.04)
ipad & iphone with a midi adapter (like an irig midi)
android devices (3.1 or later) with a usb otg cable and usb a to b cable (like a usb printer cable)

current draw: +12v: 85ma, -12v: 8.5ma
module depth: 46mm
width: 6hp

download the user manual here.

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