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mst noise / sample & hold / track & hold

price : $124.99

MST Noise / Sample & Hold / Track & Hold

the mst noise/ sample & hold / track & hold module supplies you with all the noise and random goodness you need in one small 4hp package. white, pink, and slow-random noise are just a patch away. the white noise is normalled to the signal input or input your signal of choice and break the normalled connection. to activate either the s&h or t&h, just supply the module with your clock source to start generating stepped random control voltages.

white, pink & slow random noise output
s&h sample signal input
s&h clock input
s&h or t&h output
sample & hold / track & hold select switch

current draw: +12v: 18ma, -12v: 17ma
width: 4hp
depth: 4.77 cm (1.88 in)

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