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mst ribbon controller (diy kit)

price : $45.00

MST Ribbon Controller: DIY Kit

3.5mm trs patch cable (1.5' / 45.7cm)

price : $2.00

the mst ribbon module brings control to a whole new surface and fills out an already generous selection of modules designed by george mattson. the ribbon module pairs with synthrotek's ribbon controller touch interface modules that are available in various lengths in both 3u and 1u formats. control voltage, gate and pulse outputs allow for mega control over pitch, modulation, quantization, volume and more! also connect your external signal into the ext sig in jack to bypass the modules on-board voltage for passive external attenuation.

exponential taper on rib trs input.
separate gate and pulse out.
pulse out is ~1ms.
external signal input.
reverse polarity protection
keyed 10 pin power header
width: 4hp
depth: 20.6mm (0.811 in)
current draw: +12v: 8ma, -12v: 15ma, +5v: n/a
comes with: keyed power cable, 2.5mm and 3mm rack screws, super cool sticker.

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