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mst vc lfo

price : $124.99

mst voltage controlled low frequency oscillator is another tiny, useful module packed to the gills with features. manual and cv control over rate with 3 discrete waveform outputs. a square wave can be used to clock modules such as our noise, sample & hold module. great for creating vibrato, tremolo or other classic modulation techniques. great for frequency modulation, especially when connected to the mst analog vco.

voltage control rate input with attenuator control
manual rate control
slew/symmetry control
positive and negative led indicators
square, triangle and sine wave outputs

manual range: approx 51 second to approx 102 hz
time with max range, +5v cv: 1,450hz
time with max range, -5v cv: 1 hz
time with min range, +5v cv: 2 hz
time with min range, -5v cv: 1.5 hours
skew range, all waveforms: 14% to 86%
current draw: v+ max 11.75ma, v- max 12.2ma
width: 4hp, depth: 4.77 cm (1.88 in)

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