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price : $119.99

the synthrotek triple response dual vca uses high quality op amps to give you the sound quality you are looking for in affordable kits and completed units. this vca has three different response curves per channel: 2 exponential and 1 linear. the amplitude of ex2 (switch at right position) can be slightly attenuated via 1 trimmer pot per channel on the pcb. this allows for 3 different curves per channel. ex2 has a slightly more exponential curve than ex1. this vca operates at 0-5v; a 5v cv input will give you 10v peak to peak audio output. use over 5v if you want a super ballsy, loud vca!

intended for ac and audio use only (dc coupling will not function properly).

features include:
~10v peak to peak output with a +5 dc cv input
2 exponential and 1 linear response per channel
channel 2 is normalled to channel 1
compact 4hp sized module
kits, complete and pcb/panel combos
high quality op amps
module depth: 1 7/8 inches (4.7 cm)
max current draw: 1ma on -12v rail, 9ma on +12v rail

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