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price : $195.00


the fsr-1t is a single channel fsr module, based on the fsr-1n, but has a large square force sensing resistor sensor that translates the pressure the performer applies to its sensing pads into a user adjustable scaleable control voltage, and an adjustable threshold dependent gate signal. the fsr-1t also adds a section with an electronic bi-directional switch that toggles one input/output between two other inputs/outputs (a & b) or visa versa. this toggle action is driven from the standard gate out from the fsr's gate out. an internal jumper chooses whether the drive gate is pre or post the level threshold circuitry. a front panel switch can choose whether the switch operates in toggle (on-off-on) or momentary modes. the electronic switch is bi-directional and able to pass dc and ac voltages. the in/out jack is normalize to a +v and its output at a & b in toggle mode, will act as a toggling gate at one half the frequency of the standard gate out. leds indicate the active state of all gate outputs.

the fsr-1t is 10hp in width.

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