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price : $75.00

pc5v patch cord checker and +5 volt supply module provides three different functions.

first the pc5v is a patch cord checker. in their lives, patch cords take a lot of abuse. when a patch is not working correctly, or acts intermittently, it sometimes can come down to one faulty patch cord as the primary cause of the patch not functioning correctly. the pc5vís patch cord checker tests the signal and shield parts of the cord separately. with independent indicators for both the signal (tip) and shield (sleeve) part of the patch cord, the pc5v can show both broken or shorted conditions.

secondly, the pc5v is a +5v power converter. the pc5v takes your cabinetís +12v power supply and converts it to a regulated +5v. this voltage can be sent to the +5v bus on your cabinetís standard doepfer compatible bus boards via a user selectable internal jumper. this regulated +5v supply can be then used to power other modules that may require a +5v supply (such as the doepfer a-190 midi-cv/sync interface).

thirdly, the +5v supply is also available through a front panel jack. this output has a level control knob allowing an adjustable bias voltage to appear at its output jack, providing a variable dc control voltage into another modules in your system. the variable control knob can dial in a dc voltage ranging from 0 volts to the full +5 volts.

module width - 4hp

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