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price : $275.00


the 850 is a fully analog utility module that combines a voltage controlled lfo, sample & hold, noise source, and a slew limiter. the s&h section is normalized to pink noise (random) or any of the outputs of the lfo without patching. the output of the s&h circuit is normalized to the slew limiter input, allowing slew to be added to the s&h signal. the internal clock driving the s&h doubles as an auxiliary triangle shape lfo. the main voltage controlled lfo features an adjustable delay circuit triggered by an external rising pulse, allowing a gradual increase in lfo amplitude after a reset pulse.

voltage controlled lfo with selectable sine, triangle, ramp and square output lfo gate/reset input and adjustable rise time after reset s&h with internal clock, external clock, and external sample input auxiliary triangle lfo output from s&h clock white and pink noise sources slew limiter with input normalization to s&h output or s&h clock pulse

open source
850is open source hardware. the design files are available on github.

width: 14 hp
depth: 28 mm
power: 40ma +12v, 20ma -12v

download the users manual here.

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