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μbraids se

price : $325.00

μBraids SE

μbraids se (aka ubraids se or microbraids se) is a voltage-controlled digital oscillator/sound source in 8hp with a wide range of creative and useful sound generation algorithms (aka models).

this redesigned μbraids se (special edition) is a new revision of μbraids that updates and simplifies the component layout and has a new panel design. it utilizes a custom miniature segmented led module, eliminating the need for a 2nd microprocessor and its supporting circuitry. μbraids se remains fully compatible with future upstream braids firmware upgrades and any other alternate firmwares that are compliant with the standard braids design.

included parts
μbraids se includes a standard 16-pin to 10-pin eurorack power cable and two sets of mounting screws for racks/enclosures with either m2.5 or m3 threads.

the original braids was designed by olivier gillet of mutable instruments under a cc by-sa 3.0 license. braids is a macro-oscillator with multiple intricate digital synthesis algorithms. each algorithm is controlled by two continuously variable parameters, both of which are voltage controllable. it is available as a 16hp eurorack module.

the original microbraids (aka μbraids) is a full-functionality adaptation of braids designed by magpie modular and neutron sound and is available only as a bare pcb (printed circuit board). it is 8hp (exactly half the original width) and features an oled display driven by a 2nd processor. nothing else has been altered component-wise so any future firmware upgrades or alternate firmware such as bees-in-the-trees will work fine.

download the users manual here

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