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price : $299.00

the oplab musical experiment board allows you to interconnect virtually any electronic musical instruments and music software. no more hassle with one box for midi and another for cv or a third for usb. just connect your cables, set the appropriate scenario and experience a perfect sync. oplab has it all in one place.

from drumpad to ipad.
oplab has two standard usb host ports and one mini usb device port. so, any mobile device or computer that sends midi over usb or can output a audio trig click sound will work as a controller or slave via your oplab.

instrumental junk.
one of the fundamental ideas behind oplab is to let you connect things, toys or junk that you already have around you and to make it interact with your electronic musical instruments. grab a broken hard drive, rip it apart, connect and use it as a scratchpad. a simple one is to just connect a mouse. eureka! the mouse is now a pitch bender.

lights, please.
owith 2 x 12 bit switchable digital in- and outputs you can interconnect more than just synhesizers. how about lights, leds, buzzers, motors or sensors? all in sync with your music or controlled by midi data from your sequencer.

connect knobs, potentiometers and leds and add some programming skills and you are able to build your own soundmaking machine solely on oplab. with midi in and out straight from the board. a development kit will be ready in the near future.

need a case?
worrying about the components on the back getting damaged? or you simply need a more solid stand for your oplab? we have made for you the beautiful aluminium case with laser engraved function reminder.

eurorack or cigar box?
oplab comes as a bare pcb for maximum flexibility. if you need heavy protection go for the optional eurorack mounting plate and mount it straight in your rack or build a neat custom case for your oplab.

op-1 no exception.
oplab is the perfect companion to your op-1. just plug and play for instant midi in, out and thru. and to please our precious op-1 owners even more, there will be future op os updates that will unlock even more cool functions.

technical specifications.
2 x usb host port
1 x usb device port
2 x cv in or any analogue in
2 x cv out or any analogue out
midi in / out / thru
sync 24
program selection switches

dimensions in mm:
92 x 92 x 20 (w x h x d)

hole pattern in mm:
82 x 82 center to center

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