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model 1973 mark ii: tyme sefari

price : $430.00

Model 1973 Mark II: Tyme Safari

tyme sefari is now redesigned and available as a mark ii version.

tyme sefari is a voltage-controlled audio buffer designed for live resampling of music. it can function as a 1-shot sampler, delay effect, false time stretcher, and much more. you can program your delay time by using the front panel sliders, or the onboard tap-tempo facility. the transport control allows you to manually or remotely set playback, record, direction, and loop enable controls.

by adding the sound of thunder expansion module, you can select different audio recording formats (some doubling the sampling time), enable stereo operation, circuit bend the address bus of the module, and enjoy a bonus pitch-shifting mode.

feature additions and improvements from the original version:
double the memory capacity
an orange led that blinks in loop mode when the loop has reset. a gate output is also provided for this signal.
6-bit recording (default) and greatly improved sampling rate.
manual loop controls are now sliders instead of knobs
tap tempo mode added (with manual button or external input)
all cv input knobs are "attenuverters" with center detent.
feedback insert jack
more stable/clickless looping (with one slider at maximum, or in tap tempo mode)

the sound of thunder expander has also changed:
all switches now have gate inputs too - remotely control your mode settings
4 bend switches remain from the original version, the rest change the modes of the module
audio format selection: 8-bit, 12-bit logarithmic compressed, 12-bit linear (little endian), 16-bit (default)
stereo mode
bonus "pitch shift" mode where the playback runs twice as fast as the recording, with +/- 1 octave offset

16khz maximum sampling rate, up to 16 bits
approximately 4 seconds of recording time at highest sampling frequency
tap tempo (up to 4 seconds between taps)
expected signal input ranges are given on the faceplate artwork.

±12v doepfer-style power connector
panel size: 15hp
current consumption: ~80ma

sound of thunder expansion:
causes base unit to draw up to 5ma more current)
panel size: 8hp

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