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model 1974: stillson hammer

price : $295.00

Model 1974: Stillson Hammer

burst generator with six outputs. a manual button press (or external gate input) will start a "burst" of repeated gate events coming out of a selected range of outputs. burst frequency (time between gate outputs), output span (from 1 to 6 outputs), and event count are all voltage controllable. the pattern of output transition is also selectable: normal forward sequential travel, pendulum (forward, then backward), and random patterns are available.

there is also a bonus "threshold" mode that lights up a range of gate outputs in response to the magnitude of the main cv input.

6 gate outputs
master clock output
burst length: 1-32 events
±12v doepfer-style power connector
panel size: 13hp

click here to hear a soundclip using the stillson hammer as a pulse generator.

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