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model 1979: black locust

price : $310.00

Model 1979: Black Locust

black locust is a 4-channel guitar effects pedal adaptor for your synthesizer. this module is a re-release of the old, hand-built “stilton adaptor” module with a smaller panel size (16hp) and more expansion options.

using a compact arrangement of trs insert sockets (cables not included), black locust properly attenuates and amplifies signals to incorporate your guitar effects into the modular system. a return gain control and a wet/dry mix knob condition the effected signal for maximum utility in a modular context. instruments such as electric guitars and basses can also be patched directly into the module.

black locust is the first of three modules in the feedback console series. with no external input signals, the four pedals can operate in a closed feedback loop, self-generating audio signals that are impossible to directly control - only influence. this module is a gateway to this highly experimental patching technique. further modules in the feedback console series include a matrix mixer and programmable quad vca/envelope follower/signal router, each designed to expand the black locust for deeper exploration of the feedback technique. you will quickly discover sounds that you will never hear again.

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