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model 1979: stilton adaptor

price : $295.00

Model 1979: Stilton Adaptor

channel floor effects adaptor and instrument amplifier.

the stilton adaptor provides level matching for convenient attachment of instrument-level effects devices into a modular signal path. each channel features up to 30x gain (noninverting), wet/dry crossfade, and a compact two-way trs connector.

this module requires ¼" trs insert cables for bidirectional transmission using effects devices. instruments and their effects chains can simply be connected with a ts cable.

four channels of:
10vpp modular input
10vpp modular output
trs jack for sending/receiving signal to effects device
gain adjustment
wet/dry crossfade
the output on channel 4 is multed for easy feedback loops (just patch it back into an input)
+/-12v doepfer-style power connector
panel size: 20hp

click here to view the stilton adaptor quickstart guide.

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