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model 1980: evin 209

price : $295.00

Model 1980: Evin 209

4x4 matrix mixer and bipolar feedback grid

evin 209 provides four different mixes of four signal inputs. each output row can be switched between unipolar (zero to max) and bipolar (negative max to zero to positive max) mix behavior. the module is dc-coupled so that you may also mix control signals this way.

an expansion header is also provided on the rear of the module. it currently connects to a m'79 stilton adaptor for true feedback console operation (the inputs and outputs of each module are normalled together, so a complex mix of a four-pedal feedback loop can be finely tuned). this header will also allow expansion with any other feedback console devices to be designed, such as vcas or envelope extractors.

four inputs by four outputs matrix mixer
selectable unipolar or bipolar mix operation for each output group
expansion header for stilton adaptor
+/-12v doepfer-style power connector
panel size: 20hp

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