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model 1986a: qotile ultimatum

price : $175.00

Model 1986A: Qotile Ultimatum

4-channel bipolar audio/cv mixer with led bar graph calibrated to 1 led/volt. you can mix 4 inputs, optionally inverting each one, with a master offset control. the voltage value of the output is shown on the bar graph from a range of +/-5v shown on a 10-segment display.

this module can also be used to expand a model 1986 zorlon cannon. an additional ribbon cable attaches behind the panel to the zorlon. the mixer is now normalled to the 4 gate outputs, for pseudorandom stepped sequences. you can break any of the normals and inject your own signals into the sequence by patching into the inputs.

4 inputs, 1 output
bipolar multipliers on each channel
master offset control (bipolar)
led bar graph
±12v doepfer-style power connector
panel size: 8hp

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