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the harvestman
model 1991 mark ii: piston honda

price : $375.00

Model 1991 Mark II: Piston Honda

piston honda mk ii waveform expander

price : $35.00

Piston Honda Mark II Waveform Expander

bsmith eprom expander set

price : $45.00

Eprom Expander Set

the heavyweight champion wavetable oscillator returns. 4,096 waveforms are arranged in a 3-dimensional cube, with voltage control over all three axis positions, smoothly morphing. the morph can optionally be disabled per axis, or have its resolution adjusted. a waveshaping unit can simultaneously process external audio through the currently selected wavetable while the internal oscillator runs, with voltage-controlled gain. the wavetable selection is controlled by three smoothly traveling illuminated sliders with a numerical display indicating your current location in the "cube".

the internal waveform memory comes fully loaded, and the last six locations may be overwritten with the user's custom waveforms using the classic piston honda expander board.

single digital wavetable oscillator with 3-dimensional waveform morphing.
1 volt per octave tracking.
sync and attenuverted cv inputs.
voltage-controllable morphing resolution.
un-morphed "smooth" waveform mode, switchable between internal oscillator and external waveshaper.
thru-zero frequency modulation input.
4096 8-bit waveforms organized into a 16x16x16 cube.
the last 6 locations (256 waves each) are user-editable using wave256 software and piston honda expander.
voltage control over all continuous parameters, with attenuverters.
external signal waveshaper with independent i/o.
panel size: 17hp

download the manual here.

about the bsmith eprom epander set:
the bsmith eprom expander set includes 4 eproms of new waveforms which will work in both the original and new versions of the piston honda.

here's a description of each of the eproms:
a. new.256 - comes with the wave256 software - pretty much the miniwave rom
b. monowave.256 - from wiard group, pretty good meat & potatoes stuff
c. udder.256 - sine wave type sounds
d. glare.256 - waveforms morph between various recorded female vocal vowels

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