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the voice of saturn
synthesizer (eurorack)

price : $220.00

new from the voice of saturn is their second eurorack module, simply named "synthesizer". the guts are the same as the original tabletop voice of saturn "synth" of which there are tons of videos on the web but its now adapted to the eurorack standard.

"synthesizer" features 2 oscillators that are coupled with each other to create anything from deep brutal bass tones and crazy sync effects to screaming noise. there is also an onboard LFO that can either modulate the overall range of the oscillators or be sent to an output for external control. cv1 controls the rate of the lfo and has an attenuator while cv2 controls the pitch of the oscillators.

cv2 does not scale precisely to the 1v/oct standard, rather the module is unbuffered and unpredictable making it perfect for sound effects, drones, the ability to be used as a cv source or other experimental applications. the first run of modules ship with a transparent black front panel, four mounting screws and a power cable.

the module is eurorack standard, meaning it uses +-12v power.

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