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turing machine random sequencer kit

price : $100.00

turing machine random sequencer kit
(sweeping arcs)

price : $100.00

everything you need to build a eurorack turing machine module in one kit, you just need to provide the tools and solder.

kit types:
spirograph full kit with spirograph panel and chickenhead knob
sweeping arcs full kit with sweeping arcs panel and davies knob
no panel/no knob full kit minus front panel and knob
component kit only full kit without front panel, knob or pcb.

included in kit:
10hp acrylic panel (sweeping arcs or spirograph design)
v2.1 printed circuit board (black, gold traces)
all components (resistors, capacitors, pots, ics, leds, everything)
eurorack m3 screws and power cable

the modules draws around 40ma and it is 25 mm deep.

the panel comes without any paint infill, the panel comes with a protective paper cover that can be hand brushed or spray-painted and then removed.

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