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bd909 bass drum

price : $180.00

BD909 Bass Drum

the name might be misleading because, yes in some knob positions you will get the classic 909 kick, but there is way more in there, it's really a little bass drum lab with a lot of sweet spots. it can go low, high/smooth/harsh, and anywhere in between; it can also go weird with the vc inputs. if you are used to the bd808 then this will take a bit to get used to because it is a different beast, although with some adjustment you might get close sounds. the pcb is very dense with a lot of circuitry and it wasn't easy to fit all that in there but it sure was worth the challenge.

output level - 0 - 10v
original 909 attack control
extended 909 decay control for more umphhh

new controls for the oscillator tuning:
attack tune
decay tune - these two will have an effect on each other which makes it really cool
global oscillator tune control - this sets an offset for the oscillator, sets the starting frequency for the envelope
vc-tune with attenuator (can go over a wide range)
overload knob - might not be everyone's cup of tea, what it does is overload the sine shapers which adds harmonics and some extra punch, it's an aggressive effect.
vc - overload - can be cv or even audio
accent in - can be with a pulse or cv 0 - 5v
accent attenuator

gate in
size: 8 hp

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