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price : $400.00

introducing the toms909, the warmth of the classic all-analog punchy tom-toms from the tr-909 drum machine further expanding your tiptop modular music production system.

the toms909 contains all three of the tr-909's original low, mid and high tom-tom circuits adapted for use in the eurorack modular synthesizer format. the module was tested to sound like a fresh machine coming off the assembly line back in the 80's. to add flavor to the beast we have extended each tom's tuning range so it's easier to dial soft bass drums on the lower ends and high pitched toms on the other. in addtion to that all three toms are voltage controlled, letting you play the tom's pitch with cv sequencers like the z8000, reshape the tuning with envelopes and lfos, and create new metallic sounding percussive sounds using audio rate frequency modulation of the internal analog oscillators.

the toms circuitry is made up of 9 triangle oscillators and a stack of filters, vcas, and envelopes which in total took about half of the space on the original 909's circuit board. utilizing the latest in electronic design technology we have managed to squeeze this enormous circuit, consisting of more than 450(!!) components, into a tight area only 16hp wide. it is a beautiful board with hundreds of tiny shiny components, a little analog jewel. each tom includes a trigger and accent input with accent level control, manual tune, voltage-control tune input with attenuator, and independent audio out. in addition, a mix out is available that sums all three toms together. on each gate input, we have designed a dual pulse-shaper circuit so you can trigger your toms909 with trigger/gate signals from sequencers or any other pulse/clock sources.

2" deep

click here for the user manual.

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