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tiptop audio
tip top records: various artists 001

price : $22.00

tiptop audio is proud to introduce a new project for 2015: tiptop audio records. in the recent years musical productions have seen a remarkable return to the use of hardware through analog synthesizers and digital control interfaces. this trend has proven so strong that it prompted a rebirth of modular synths in a new format (eurorack). tiptop audio has made a name producing sophisticated but easy to use modules, designed to form a complete system that is especially effective for dance-oriented productions and live sets.

tiptop audio records selected for its first issue some of the most groundbreaking artists using such systems, to present a range of artists who, through their tracks, explore the landscape of dance music in a very fresh perspective. these are the artists who inspire the tiptop team to make more innovative devices, which in turn make new music (a nice feedback loop).

angle, blawan, christian burkhardt joao ceser, john tejada, joseph fraioli, moe espinosa (drumcell), kink, richard devine and surgeon each contribute a track stamped with their own style and vision. tracks range from surgeonís trademark hard minimal beat, to kinkís gauzy dreamscape, while richard devine and joseph fraioli explore the outer reaches of beat based music. the phase vi team (john tejada and moe espinosa aka drumcell) produces an endlessly shifting set of percolating rhythms, christian burkhardt and joao ceser put some 21st century twists on classic dance floor patterns, angle lay down effortless, sophisticated continental style and blawan adds some industrial toned menace.

the release comes as a double vinyl edition, with a cover painted by the artist matteo giampaglia.

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