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z2040 vc-filter

price : $205.00

Z2040 VC-Filter

the z2040 is a great sounding analog filter that gives a lush creamy character to any sound passing through its core. when paired with a snappy envelope like the z4000, the z2040's rubber-like frequency sweeps produce thick bass lines and leads. when modulated in audio rate through its variety of synthesis inputs, the z2040 gets pushed to the extreme, becoming a growling beast as the forces of the incoming waves and their harmonics all meet at the module's point of interaction. bounded within the upper and lower limits of the z2040's spectrum, sounds can be tamed into smooth overdrive and saturation. when set with it's resonance feedback fully on, the z2040 becomes a pure sine-core vc-oscillator that is ideal for making snappy percussive elements or whistling sounds. we packed a lot in the z2040 while maintaining a carefully designed interface for maximum sonic playability.

under the hood: the heart of the z2040 is a discrete design 4-pole low pass filter with a similar core to that of the ssm2040 filter chip used in the prophet 5 rev 2 synthesizer and its brother the ssm2044 used in the famous early emu samplers and ppg synthesizers of the 80's, both considered by many as "the best sounding filter ever."

Z2040 VC-Filter: Side View

the z2040's four modulation inputs are built to handle cv and audio signals, enabling deep modulation of the filter core and passing signals. a vc resonance input is provided to modulate and even clip the sine wave produced by the filter feedback loop. a frequency modulation input (fm) provides for dynamic filter sweeps and the unique vc-fm index provides modulation of the incoming FM signals. On top of that, the Z2040 provides an audio VCA that can be configured to act upon the input or the output of the filter.

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