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tiptop audio
zeus studio bus

price : $122.00

Zeus Studio Bus

4600ma zeus studio bus universal adapter

price : $60.00

the zeus studio bus is tiptop audio's next generation of the zeus eurorack power system and is the world's only high-power system that can guarantee low noise with minimal bleed-through between modules for a clear sounding synth. the power supply is the backbone of your modular system and will define how well it all works; this is not some simple circuit that flashes leds on but is a complex analog circuit, not something you want to chance with the various boutique power supplies.

the zeus sb takes the next step to simplify wiring up power into cases that scale from a simple 3u row to complete walls of modular synthesizers, all done without dealing with hot ac power lines. the zeus system comprises of an external brick cincon-tta power supply, zeus access and a zeus studio bus, providing everything needed for a diy or a professional eurorack case. the zeus studio bus board is equipped with fourteen eurorack standard power connectors and two as power connectors. connecting wires to and from the board is done using a spring action connector, no special tools are needed, all it takes is to push the lever down and insert the wire. the spring action connector provides multiple points of connection allowing for different types of power configurations, starting with simple daisy chains and up to professional multi-thread star wiring. at the heart of the zeus sb is our new design of discrete linear power regulators, aimed at providing robust, low noise studio-grade power to deal with today's growing challenge of a great selection of modules from many different manufacturers that must share the same power bus. and with an eye towards the future, the zeus sb prepares you for the new wave of high-current digital modules and the upcoming tiptop audio analog polyphonic system.

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