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tone freak effects
buff puff

price : $169.99

the buff puff™ resulted from the collaboration between david friedman of rack systems, ltd and tone freak effects™. friedman (pictured to the right) has built racks and pedal board for esteemed client such as eddie van halen, slash, the offspring, linkin park, tim pierce and many more!

friedman has used the circuit of the buff puff™ in his custom pedalboard interfaces and other custom work. after a couple tiny mods, tone freak effects™ helped get this great pedal into reality.

the buff puff™ is a high quality buffer and clean boost. placed in front of an amp, the buff puff™ can clean boost your signal for solos or any other situation you need extra volume. the buffer brings back the dynamics of your signal lost in a long signal chain of effects. the buffer is on all the time and you switch the clean boost on/off with the footswitch. the mini-toggle is used to fine tune the high-end "sheen" of the buffer.

controls: gain
true bypass
durable neutrik jacks
teflon coated, silver stranded wire
mil-spec pcb
metal film resistors
metal film capacitors
hand assembled

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