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tone freak effects

price : $199.99

severe™ represents tone freak effects™ answer to heavy distortion! the severe™ starts at medium gain and only gets higher from there with plenty of gain on tap.

3-way toggle up top adds different flavors of tone with asymmetrical, symmetrical and no clipping options. the 3-way "brite" switch changes how bright the tone control can get, which allows you to use severe™ with different styles of amps.

unlike some other high gain distortion pedals, severe will never turn your tone into a compressed, mushy mess. severe™ maintains a more open sound and allows string articulation to shine through.

dropped-d players will notice the low-end whump and top-end sizzle. players looking for a stand-alone solo pedal, don't have to look any further... no stacking with other od or distortions pedals is necessary with severe™.

controls: level, tone, gain
true bypass
neutrik jacks
3-way clipping switch
3-way bright switch
metal film resistors
metal film capacitors
hand assembled

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