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strakal brulu {re gre˝v eo}
red/silver aluminum panel

price : $335.00

the strakal brulu {re gre˝v eo} is a versatile transistor germanium fuzz box with cv input in an eurorack red plexiglass panel.

features :
8hp / laser etched red plexiglass
selected nos russian germanium transistors
input/output volume / feedback / fuzz with cv control
handy knobs for controlling chaos
eurorack standard supply, red facing down
hand-wired, boutique quality, made in plougastel-daoulas.
stupid breton name

operation :
plug in and out, respect polarity supply, ( red is -12v, like eurorack standard, red should be down) set gain input/output as needed. different sounds can be achieved with the instrument's big knob in conjuction with the other knobs. module is instable by nature (germanium transistors) and can produce cv controlled chaotic fuzzes and squeals.

knobs :
left --> input volume, set gain as desired
right --> output volume and high pass filter, the more volume and bass on the left, less volume and less bass on the right.
middle --> feedback
down --> fuzz control with cv in attenuator, the more fuzz and cv control with the knob on the left

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