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presto chango: eurorack jacks

price : $99.00

Presto Chango: Eurorack Jacks

presto chango: banana jacks

price : $99.00

Presto Chango: Banana Jacks

the presto chango, by trick's magic shop, is an adapter box that provides the use of up to 4 standard, inexpensive expression pedals, like the moog ep2 and ep3, with eurorack or banana jack format modular synths - allowing control of any cv parameter, feeding it any desired cv source - for powerful, hands-free performance control.

the presto chango has been tested to work with moog ep2 and moog ep3 pedals, which have trs audio connectors. others with a trs connector may work, but have not been tested. expression pedals with only a ts style connector will not work with the presto chango.

download the users manual here.

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