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m/11 (assembled)

price : $75.00

Trogtronic M/11

m/11 diy kit (user assembly required)

price : $50.00

traditional vca
trogotronic style performance audio controller
trogotronic style performance cv controller
cv generator
only 4hp wide
180 degree control array orientation
skiff friendly 1.6" depth
superior momentary button switch

this lithe lady can be used as an audio controller, a cv generator, a cv controller, and a vca (all pretty much at the same time). the superb feel of the momentary button is no fluke; years of searching a small mountain of buttons available on the american market yielded only specimens of over-sprung stiffness; poor choices for a musical work which demands correct weight & throw for deft performance. finally we found what we were looking for in a tiny shop at a japanese electronics bazaar. we arranged direct import of these hand-picked gems to trogotronic - exclusively - for the sole purpose of destroying fascists the world over with sonic display.

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