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price : $325.00

the plug and perform simplicity of our stand-alone triple six synth has been carefully distilled into eurorack format by hirsute hands.

we designed a single module as powerful as an expensive array of traditional vco/vcf/vca modules patched together. while no compromise to the true spirit of the original circuit was afforded we worked especially hard to make this one of the most compatible eurorack instruments available with a generous array of 9 distinct control voltage inputs:

- two cv ins = frequencies of twin oscillators
- one cv in = threshold (osc. variant/gate/selection/etc.)
- four cv ins = twin amplifiers (distortion/secondary osc.)
- one cv in = new signal shape parameter (filter function)
- one cv in = for output drive parameter
- plus audio input (for unique modulation and triggering).

into the bargain are an additional three new controls, shape-knob & patch-knob / threeway switch, which make our most flexible circuit even more so.

in essence it is quite possible that this one module alone, placed under the control of up to 9 separate sequenced cv channels, could sound like someone slipped a c4 charge into tonto's "expanding headband".

eurorack format 14 hp
module depth ~2 inches
peak current draw at 125ma

audio samples:
solo 1
solo 2
solo with reverb
under various cv control
with drum machines
with vocals

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