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ax-48bp apex plus

price : $199.00

the apex plus is the original apex with two popular accessories: an apex mic boom plus a super clamp and long tribars to accommodate a larger keyboard. the original triangular column!

sleek, hollow column becomes its own carrying case. sets up in seconds without tools.

stable performance stand
sturdy column stand is stable, even with large 88-note keyboards.

column tiers
arms firmly support the keyboard yet detach and slid into the top of column for easy transport.

folding legs
legs slide out into place for quick set-up or store neatly inside column base for transport.

durable finish
durable black anodized aluminum looks great on any stage.

specification :
height 46" (1168 mm) with angle adapter
weight 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
folded length 52" (1321 mm)
load capacity up to 125 lbs. (56.8 kg) per tier or 250 lbs. (113.6 kg) total

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