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4MS Pingable Envelope Generator 4ms pingable envelope generator

the pingable envelope generator (peg) from 4ms is a dual envelope generator whose envelope lengths are set by incoming clocks or "pings". the peg has full cv control of envelope shape, skew and ping (clock) division/multiplication, as well as a plethora of triggering and cycling options (ad, ar, quantization, cycle) and a tap tempo button for each channel. the module is in good shape and works perfectly. click here for more info.

our used price : $276.00


Make Noise Phonogene make noise phonogene

the phonogene is a digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument (firmware engineered by flemming christensen, gotharman). it takes it's name from a little known, one of a kind instrument used by composer pierre schaeffer. while it is not an emulation, it does share the primitive, tactile nature of it's namesake, and expands upon the original concepts. it is informed by the worlds of musique concrète (where speed and direction variation were combined with creative tape splicing to pioneer new sounds) and microsound (where computers allow for sound to be divided into pieces smaller then ⅒ of a second, and manipulated like sub-atomic particles). having voltage control over every parameter, it is most successful as a digital audio buffer for the modular synthesist. the module is in good shape and functions perfectly. click here for more info.

our used price : $424.00


Mungo Enterprises F0 mungo enterprises f0

understated but full of capabilities, the mungo f0 pairs a low pass filter and vca together with continuously variable distortion. the non-linear transfer function allows the filter to achieve stable self oscillation, or dialled back to linear for clean and stable digital filtering. pioneering zoom controls allow frequencies from ultrasonics down to extremely slow cvs to be set quickly and precisely, while providing all modulating inputs with a bipolar gain or attenuation. click here for more info. the module is in good shape and works perfectly.

our used price : $425.00


Snazzy FX Telephone Game snazzy fx telephone game

our version of a sample and hold/random voltage module, this beast incorporates not one but five sample and holds, chained together, with two controllable feedback taps, individual outputs at five points, a wave-shaper output, built in white noise, two different clock modes, lag, and the ability to loop the analog cells (you load in 5 different voltages and then loop them-this can all be started and stopped via a gate pulse and/or with the built in button). the module is in great shape and works perfectly. click here for more info.

our used price : $281.00


Snazzy FX Tidal Wave snazzy fx tidal wave

the tidal wave is in first line a sound processor with waveshaper, filter and vca but on the other hand a synth voice. a flexible vc-mix/crossfader section with is used to create comb filter effects. a vc-lfo and an autotrigger envelope plus an internal modulation buss are used for cv routing with interesting opposite going modulations. all sections of the module can be used individually. the module is in great shape and works perfectly. click here for more info.

our used price : $396.00

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