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valhalla dsp
z-dsp shimmer

price : $75.00

the z-dsp shimmer cartridge has 8 original algorithms, designed to combine lush reverberation with multiple voices of pitch shifting, to create ethereal pads, rich chordal textures, dissonant clouds of sound, and a variety of other sounds that are perfect for electronic music. the algorithms are customized to work with the tiptop audio z-dsp eurorack module.

there are 6 reverb algorithms in the z-dsp shimmer cart, arranged in order of complexity:
fast shimmer: a modulated reverb that quickly decays away into an endlessly pitch shifting tail. the shift interval can be set between +/- 12 semitones. perfect for that classic “octave up” shimmer sound.

slow shimmer: similar to fast shimmer, but with a much slower attack.

dual shimmer: two pitch shifted voices, embedded within a larger modulated reverb network, shifting the reverb decay in both positive and negative directions. try slowly sweeping the shift control in this mode for ridiculously cinematic sounds.

triple shimmer: two pitch shifted voices embedded within the reverb decay network, plus a third voice external to the network. this allows the user to have a reverb with +12 and -12 semitones of feedback, plus a stable +7 semitones voice without feedback.

quad shimmer: four pitch shifted voices feeding into a lush modulated reverb. this allows for a variety of dissonant and consonant chordal textures, with the max shift setting corresponding to a rich major chord.

clusterverb: four pitch shifted voices embedded within the feedback network of a modulated reverb. the result quickly becomes dissonant or metallic. perfect for insta-ligeti, or penderecki in a box™.

in addition, the z-dsp shimmer cart features 2 special effects algorithms:
quad detune: 4 short pitch shifted delays, feeding back on each other. a variety of chorus, detuned, and dissonant effects can be obtained through this mode. turn up the feedback for maximum fun.

pitchecho: a single pitch shifting voice, combined with a tape echo emulation = sound mangling joy. turn up the feedback for barberpole self oscillation, and sweep the decay time for all sorts of swoopy glitches.

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