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mono lancet '15

price : $529.00

Mono Lancet '15

classic monophonic synthesizer for lead- bass and effect-sounds.
mono lancet '15 might be small-sized device, despite it is a bona fide analogue synthesizer. two oscillators and a noise generator are the foundation for its sound. together with the musical lowpass filter and vca it's capable of producing warm and precious sounds full of character. beside its audio qualities mono lancet '15 has a dead simple and intuitive user interface. each parameter has its own control. we are absolutely convinced that you will quickly learn how to realize your sounds with mono lancet '15 without thinking about what you do.

expandable with modular dock
mono lancet '15's functionality can even be enhanced using the optional modular dock eurorack module. it offers various in- and out-connections to the individual sections of the synthesizer. with just a few additional modules you can multiply the strong sound base of mono lancet '15. mono lancet '15 is manufactured in our elektroakustischen manufaktur in historical vogtland. for us it is not only a piece of high-quality analogue technology but rather a musical instrument, handmade with love and passion.

vco 1
waveforms: square, sawtooth, triangle
octaves: 8', 16', 32'

vco 2
waveforms: square, sawtooth
white noise generator
octaves: 4', 8', 16
detune +/- 7 halftones

vco 1 & 2
adjustable lfo intensity to pitch
bi-polar adjustable envelope generator intensity
glide (switchable autoglide)
pulse-width adjustable via midi (modulation wheel cc#1)
master tune +/- 1 note

voltage controlled filter
lowpass filter with 24 db/octave
resonance can be played in a range of approx. 2 1/2 octaves
bi-polar adjustable envelope generator intensity
adjustable lfo intensity
switchable keytrack: off, 50%, 100%

modes: eg (envelope generator), gate envelope, on

waveforms: saw up, saw down, square, triangle, sine, sample & hold
frequency range: approx. 0,05 hz to 250 hz

envelope generator
attack, decay, sustain, release

midi interface
note on/off
pitch bender on/off (cc 84) - modulates vco frequency (+/- 4 notes)
modulation wheel on/off (cc 85) - modulates square waves pulse-width
aftertouch on/off (cc 86) - modulates cutoff frequency
velocity on/off (cc 87) - modulates vca
velocity additionally can switched on/off for cutoff frequency (cc 88)
auto-glide on/off (cc 89)
legato on/off (cc 90)

power supply: external dc 12 v / 1000 ma power adapter
dimensions: approx. 21 cm x 14.5 cm x 5.5 cm
weight: approx. 0.75 kg

mono lancet modular dock - eurorack expander module
wooden side panels

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