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quadropol: voltage controlled polarizer / ringmodulator

price : $279.00


you never can have enough modules that influence levels - be it for audio signals or control voltages.

quadropol is a four-channel polarizer module. it can attenuate any incoming signal, in-phase or out of phase. one of its most special features is the way each channel's level control works. instead of having one dedicated zero-point, it has a "dead zone" where the input signal will be completely suppressed. thus, you will easily find the off-position, even without a center-click, while, at the same time you'll be able to create extremely sensitive level increasings.

further outstanding features are
a channel's output signal will optionally be forwarded to the next one, which allows the use of quadropol as a mixer-module. this way you can sum up to four signals.

the module can be controlled via control voltages. beside manually setting the level you can use each channel as vca. you never can have enough vcas in a modular system, can you?

quadropol's circuits work with a four-quadrant-multiplier. this means the module is a ringmodulator without compromises - sorry - four ringmodulators.

do you have 10 hp unused rack-space left in your eurorack-system? you should consider getting a quadropol module. it is so versatile that it's hard to live without one, once you've gotten your hands on one of it.

optimum input level input: ±5 volts
optimum input level cv in: ±5 volts
generated dc: 5 volts...+5 volts

power consumption
+12 volts: 45 ma
-12 volts: 35 ma
+5 volts: -

dimensions and weight
width / height: 10 hp (129.00 mm) / 3 u
depth: 30.00 mm
weight: 130 g

download the user manual here.

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