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retroverb lancet

price : $549.00

Retroverb Lancet

today's digital effects and plug-ins can create almost perfect room simulations. however, when it comes to characteristic and charismatic reverb, analogue effect-processors are yet to beat. the reverberating sound of a spring is so lively and unique that its sound is almost impossible to recreate in the digital domain. in addition to this, retroverb lancet is not just a spring reverberation system - it is an analogue multi-effects-processor. it offers overdrive, filtering, vca, envelope and lfo to manipulate the spring sound and create different sounds like auto-wah, tremolo, distortion, delay, gater and of course reverb.

spring reverb
the typical spring reverb sound is generated by a belton/accutronics type 4 spring tank with three individual springs. it can be placed pre or post the vcf/vca section and equalized by the tone parameter.

the crash function generates the popular "thunder" effect that occurs when kicking an amplifier with spring tank. you don't have to kick retroverb lancet you simply can achieve this effect by pressing the crash button. it also can be triggered by a gate voltage.

filter and amplifier
... are identical to filter lancet.
the multimode filter works as lowpass or highpass with a slope of 24db per octave or as bandpass with 12db per octave. it is followed by a voltage controlled amplifier.

filter and amplifier can be modulated individually by different sources.

retroverb lancet offers three internal modulation sources:
envelope follower: the envelope follower converts the amplitude characteristic of the audio input signal into a control voltage.

envelope generator: the envelope generator can be triggered by the input signal itself, a second audio signal or a gate voltage. depending on the trigger source it works as attack-decay or as attack-sustain-release envelope.

lfo: the lfo offers saw up and saw down, square, sine as well as sample&hold. additionally it can use the envelope generators settings as waveform. it can oscillate freely or reset by different trigger sources.

retroverb lancet also offers a cv/pedal input which can be feed by external control voltages or can be used with expression pedals.

sound samples:
mono lancet arpeggio thru retroverb lancet
808 - envelope follower
808 - filtered am
808 - mangled
808 - transformed & abused
arp on retroverb lancet 1
arp on retroverb lancet 2
bassline - accent-out on crash-in
bassline - with sample & hold + pseudo ecco
bassline - xmod pulses
drm1 mkiii - storm
drm1 mkiii - work it!
house loop - filter fm
lead bass - processed
lead synth - particular reverse
no input - only ext gate + trigger for eg & crash
shimmer with cv-hpf & overdrive

download the technical data sheet here.
download the user manual here.
download the patchsheet here.

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