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vcf-74 mk2

price : $249.00

VCF-74 MK2

the vcf-74 is a 14hp voltage controlled filter in eurorack format. vcf-74 features a dual analogue high-pass and low-pass filter, cascaded (series, from hp > lp). the discrete diode filter circuit is inspired by the 1970s univox mini-korg synthesizer's "traveler" filter section which provides warm, organic sound to your modular system. however, this design was not only adapted for eurorack, but is feature enhanced for a wide array of possible filter characteristics.

a stage boost switch allows you to drive the 2nd filter section (low-pass) with a +5.3db signal boost from the high-pass output signal creating a warm saturation and varied resonance to signal ratio/dynamics. independent manual resonance controls per filter section allows you to fine-tune a wide variety of focused sound. input and output level controls allow you to optimize dynamic range, including how hard you drive the filter--which drastically changes the dynamic interplay between signal and harmonic resonance. both high-pass and low-pass circuits have independent cutoff controls. independent cv inputs for cutoff and resonance of each filter section, and attenuation/gain for cv to cutoff provide superior control over filter behavior. the vcf-74 can be set up as a low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filter. width of the band-pass can be adjusted by simply dialing in the offset controls appropriately.

what are the changes for the new mk2 version of vcf-74?
the faceplate will look exactly the same, except the addition of "mk2" nomenclature screen printed.
the audio signal path will have slightly lower frequency response as a result of component value changes.
the audio signal path will now use fewer coupling capacitors (more direct-coupled circuits mean better performance, less slewing).
added buffer circuits at the input and final filter-to-output stage (which will improve performance)
added calibration trim-pots for resonance control.
revised "local" power supply filtering scheme to improve psr for the discrete (class-a) filter stages.
added esd protection (esd suppressor diodes) to each front panel jack.
changed power inlet header from 16p to 10p.
widened range for low pass cutoff control

note: depth is now 29mm (current draw is the same as 41ma for +12v, and 48ma for -12v

current draw: 41ma (+12v); 48ma (-12v)
depth: 29mm

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