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euclidean circles v2

price : $289.99

Euclidean Circles v2

six switches expander

price : $61.99

Six Switches Expander

the all new v2 of the 6-channel 16-step euclidean rhythm generator with an unique pattern visualization in 10hp - now with even more features!

6 channels of euclidean rhythms or new in v2, fully user edited sequences, create your own trigger sequence between 1 and 16 steps, or chain up to three patterns for a total of 48 steps

the new f-button allows to select your favorite feature for live and have it accessible right there on the front panel. advance sequences, add fills or quick save and restore patterns to create interesting variations while performing.

the six switches expander for the euclidian circles v2 allows users the option of enabling and disabling the six individual outputs in real time.

download the users manual here.

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