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vcf1 analog filter module

price : $399.99

VCF1 Analog Filter Module

vcf1 brings sound and functions of our popular rocket and 2-pole to your eurorack. beside being a filter, vcf1 boosts an experimental distortion stage to add harmonic distortion to the signal. watch out - it can get brutal!

the efficient designed user interface allows direct access to all important sound parameters. equipped with real metal knobs the parameter range of the pots are made for perfect musical results.

vcf1 allows to side-chain an additional audio signal and the organic filter resonance can be used up to extreme self oscillating effects.

main features:
analog 12db/octave multimode filter with distortion signal path: distortion -> filter -> overdrive 2 audio inputs with gain resonance up to self-oscillation 2 cv inputs for cutoff, one featuring bipolar control cv input for resonance pre-filter distortion with level control distortion section can be used separately post-filter overdrive with adjustable gain

audio input 1
audio input 2
distortion output
individual outputs for low-pass, band-pass and high-pass
drive output

cutoff modulation 1
cutoff modulation 2

power requirements:
±12v, 100ma

width: 18hp (91.4mm)

download the users manual here.

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