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wattson classic electronics
classic fuzz fy-6

price : $199.99

capturing the precise tone of the original classic fuzz pedals from shin-ei and univox was our primary goal in designing the wattson classic fuzz fy-6. we spent a lot of time analyzing signals from original shin-ei and univox pedals, and it paid off in the end - in spades!

we don't think you'll find any pedal anywhere that captures the tone of those classics better than the wattson classic fuzz fy-6, and we're certain you won't find another one that captures the style and beauty of the originals as well as this one.

but we didn't stop there.

the wattson classic fuzz fy-6 is housed in a 16 gauge steel chassis, tough enough to withstand years of rugged use, with a sandtex powdercoat that has the vintage style with modern durability. we've also added an external dc power supply jack, an led to indicate when the effect is active, and a unique battery drawer that allows you to replace the battery without opening the chassis.

like all wattson classic electronics products, the fy-6 is covered by our one-year warranty.

click here to download the user's manual.

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