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price : $199.00


dvca is a redux of our classic digital vca module, giving it more features while reducing its size and power consumption.

channel a is now unipolar/bipolar switchable, allowing for use as a bipolar vca.

with control parameters for bias and cv, users can create classic ring modulation and attenuversion effects. channel b still has the character and features of the digital vca.

now in 4hp!
dual vca design
channel a is a bipolar vca
channel a has bias and cv attenuversion
low distortion/noise
vca closes completely
zero crossing detector
gate/trigger detector
8 bit cv resolution
analog signal path
great for ultra fast envelopes

power: +12v = 72ma; -12v = 45ma
size: 4 hp
depth: 39mm
absolutely no bleed!

manual is available here.

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