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geiger counter pro

price : $449.00

Geiger Counter Pro

all of the classic tone and digital destruction of the original plus tons of new useful features, this is the most powerful pedal wmd has made to date.

256 new wavetables! (512 wavetables in total)
wavetable "morphing"
16 foot switchable and midi switchable presets
proprietary vst for control via computer
easy to save and duplicate presets
full midi control over all parameters
2 assignable cv inputs
dry/wet mix
end of chain low pass filter
powered by a standard "boss" style 9v supply
upgradable via usb

power: 9vdc center negative (boss standard) 150ma draw
dimensions: 5.8" x 4.75" x 2.5"
input impedance: 380k output impedance: 1k
midi standard input. channel (1-8) internally selectable
cv inputs: 0-5v. 50k impedance. ts connection
expression: 10k-100k linear. trs connection
upgradable via usb
relay true bypass

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